Balustrades & Handrails

We specialise in fabricating steel handrails and steel balustrades. Our certified welders will ensure that we satisfy your needs by:

Your Project Might Be:

  • Residential and commercial buildings – interior and exterior.
  • Footbridges.
  • Bridges.
  • Marine – interior and exterior.
Your Choice Of Steel:

Carbon (Mild) Steel

  • Heavy duty steel used for industrial and commercial buildings, seldom for residential buildings.
  • Excels in a highly corrosive environment.

Stainless Steel

  • Used for commercial and residential buildings.
  • Excels at making a structure or building visually appealing.
How We Reduce Your Hassle:
Working with us means you’ve one point of contact, one set of invoices and zero hassles because we’ll:
  • Complete job offsite and deliver.
  • Build on-site, erect, install and then leave.
  • (If your site space is limited) partially build in our workshop, transport to site, finish building on-site, erect, install and then leave.
  • Completely manage ourselves and others.
  • Consistently provide the highest level of safety, care and detail to your project, our work and the environment.
  • Supply only when required.

Did you know that:

  1. For safety reasons, balustrades should not have an opening bigger than 100mm. This is to prevent small children falling through the gaps.
  2. When creating accessways, you’re also required to include handrails or balustrades.
Meeting Your Expectations:
You Want We’ll Deliver
Ease Completely self contained, certified and experienced welders who’ll bring their own power on-site and work quickly and safely
Correct On-site visual and UT inspections & in-house NDT to meticulously check quality and consistency
Quality Certified, experienced welders with the highest level of care to detail
On budget Break down of total costs before starting
On time Punctual, high quality work that doesn’t require call backs
Advice Correct technical advice from listening and considering your requirements
Entirety Design, on-site/workshop fabrication, finishing and install
Reliability Site safe and drug free welders
Project Management Regular and proactive updates and immediate responses
Momentum Future on-site availability to make any changes
Balustrades & Handrails

About Genweld

Genweld work with some of the top construction and engineering companies in the country to achieve demanding objectives on heavy fabrication and infrastructure projects.




Strictly adheres with ANZS2980
(replaced NZS4711 in April 2011) requirements…

Our welders are all certified and ticketed in all positions.


Precisely fits your required purpose…

Our work is built to high standards and all welding specifications are meticulously adhered to.


Unfailingly produces quality workmanship…

Our on-site and in-house checks at strategic stages guarantees consistent, quality work.


Rapidly delivers on your expectations…

Our team will capably complete your job in full.